Each Backdrop is a Part of The Story

After the passing of my Mama, it took a fair amount of time to be able to revisit the beautiful pictures that celebrated her life. However, one thing evident in each picture was her love for life and her love for jewellery. There weren't too many pictures where she didn't have a gorgeous pair of earrings, a statement chain or even just her gold watch on.

Whilst the focus is obviously on the jewellery, there are several key elements I've chosen to incorporate into the photography.

The white linen is pure, angelic and the simplicity speaks volumes - much like my Mama.

The Maldives book holds a dear place in my heart being a souvenir my parents picked up on their honeymoon. It completely encapsulates my Mama's love for the beach, sunshine and sharing of culture.

The plants and greenery represent her love for Spring, growth and new beginnings.

My Mama was a force of nature and made it very clear that ordinary just wouldn't cut it. I hope you enjoy the curation of timeless pieces I know she would've loved.